Turning Your Profits Into Monthly Payments

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If you have a niche or a business idea that you believe is an evergreen one (evergreen niches never get outdated) then you can choose to turn the profits you earn from that niche into a recurring monthly income.

How can you do that? By creating a membership site. The great thing about a membership site is that instead of selling once, you make money repeatedly. And because it’s a repeat moneymaker, you’ll find affiliates who like that as well and want to promote for you.

A membership site is a place online – a website, forum, etc., that you set up and guard from the general public by limiting access to only those who pay a certain fee for the knowledge you share on that site.

Why would people not simply do free Google or other search engine digs for the information they want? First of all, not all information found on the Internet is reliable and people know that. People know that if they want the best advice, the best training, and the best information, then they have to go to the experts to get it.

Whenever you excel in an area, you deserve to get paid for your expertise. You wouldn’t expect an attorney or a doctor to give you in depth information about how to handle your legal or medical issues for free would you? Of course not. You would understand that their time is valuable and they should get paid for sharing with you how to solve your problem or improve your life.

It’s the same concept for a membership site. Content is a goldmine online and smart marketers know how to prospect content and make it work to bring in profits. You can teach people how to make money online by setting up weekly how-to articles and giving them the information they need. Not only can you cover how-to segments from start to finish, but by constantly giving members fresh material, they stay with the membership site longer.

You can base your membership site solely on information you share in the form of text lessons or you can set it up to be varied with multi media (video tutorials, audio streams, and live webinars). A site can be simple or complex depending on how well you can handle the growth.

Inevitably, the questions most new marketers ask when it comes to creating a membership site is, “What should I charge as the monthly access fee?” The answer should be based on how much the content is worth.

Not how much it’s worth to you, but how much it’s worth to the members. How will you know if your content is worth your fees? You’ll see your site growing and keeping the people who do sign up for your site. If you start losing members left and right, then you’ll want to recheck the value of what you’re offering. Always test and tweak different price points.